Hair Removal Made for you

Our story began 30 years ago. Ramesh Sharma, an experienced pharmacist, believed that hair removal products were overlooked for far too long. He bid pharmacy adieu to focus on his passion - cosmetic chemistry. He spent years researching and developing products for a segment of body care that doesn’t get a lot of primetime attention - hair removal.

That’s how Honeybee came to life in 1992. 

Three decades later, Vikram Sharma, the second generation of professionals at Honeybee, realised the need to reimagine waxing. He knew that caring for the skin is key to taking care of a hairy situation. So, making the knowledge passed down by Ramesh the cornerstone of his experience, Vikram is welcoming a new era of body care. 

Ramesh C. SHARMA


We believe that the journey of our products is reminiscent of our very own. Like our products, we have grown from strength to strength because we have been conscious and adapted to the need of the hour. 

Here are the five pillars that define everything we do at Honeybee.


At the center of our brand lies a promise of quality. The quality of our ingredients and products is the one thing we’ll never compromise on. In that endeavor, all our ingredients are selected with intention and all our products are cruelty-free and vegan. 

What does this mean for you? You can use our products safely (and effectively) from face to toes, including your most intimate areas. 


All our products are honest. Everything we use, we source consciously and have nothing to hide. Every ingredient used is listed on our packaging for you to read. We believe that everything that goes on your skin is a choice you make and we’re here for it!


Our research and development team are kids in a candy store on days. We are passionate about giving our customers the best waxing experiences and are always - be it our wax in a pan, microwavable jars, or even face wax strips, we always want to give you the best. Infact, we even customize our products according to region and climate! 


Honeybee doesn’t care where you fall on the spectrum: man, woman, or anything in between. We just care about your skin (every type of skin) and removing hair (short, long, curly, straight, fine, thick) as gently as possible and for as long as possible. 

Inclusivity is engrained in everything we do - from our products to our workforce, that's equally respresented by women.


We believe that minimising our carbon footprint is the only way to do business in a consumerist world. We have gone out of our way to make sure that 90% of our packaging materials are recyclable. From our wax tins to roll-ons, we do our bit to help the environment.