Tips & Tricks

The checklist for quicker and smoother waxing

What to do before you wax

  • Clean your skin before you start

    It’s easier and faster to get skin smooth and hair free when it’s clean and dry, don’t apply any lotion, oil, cream or moisturizer the day of waxing.

  • Check your hair growth

    The hair should be at least ¼ of an inch. That’s when the part of the hair you can see is as long as the part under the skin. Any shorter, and it may cause breakage, leaving you with stubble.

    Any longer than 1cm (that’s 0.40 inches) and waxing becomes harder. You really don’t want that for your underarms, bikini line, and Brazilian waxing. Our advice? Trim it just a tad.

  • Carry out the pre-wax care

    A day before you wax, gently exfoliate it to remove any dead cell build-up. You’ll have fewer ingrown hairs post-wax and satin-smooth results.

  • Press play and make it fun

    Who says waxing can’t be fun? Listen to Honeybee tunes and turn it into the perfect me-time.

    Want more effective waxing? Keep the room well-lit and find a mirror you can stand or sit in front of, it’ll make a world of a difference!

  • When it’s showtime, do a look-see

    Next, take a minute to check the direction of hair growth before you bid them adieu. This is an important tip because you need to apply the wax or the wax strip in the same direction.

    When you remove the strip, do it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Why? It makes for a cleaner wax and you get to admire softer skin. Also, remember to pull your skin taut.

    New to waxing? Our advice is to start with your legs. It lets you get the hang of it. Once you master them, move on to more, ahem, delicate areas.

What not to do before waxing

  • Don’t make the wax too hot to handle

    Wax can heat up fast so be careful you don't overheat it. Want tips on how to warm wax to the right temperature? Read our heating guide.

  • Don’t forget to patch test the temperature before use

    Moving on, don’t ever forget to test if the wax is too hot before you apply it. Unless they are our ready-to-use wax strips. They’re good to go as-is. Just peel and apply.

  • Don’t wax the same area again and again (and again)

    Keep in mind that your skin requires some tender, loving care, not a let’s rip at it attitude.

    So, if you’re new to waxing or just to Honeybee products, stick to one pull per area in one session. Repeated pulls on the same body part can irritate or damage the skin.

What to do post-wax

  • Treat your skin right

    Wax residue is totally normal. But we made it easy to get rid of it. For all our ready-to-use wax strips, use the post-wax wipes to banish any remaining wax.

    All out of wipes? Use any oil you prefer. All our other products are even easier to clean. Simply wash any wax left on the skin with water or a wet cloth.

  • Let your skin enjoy the post-wax glow

    We know, it’s hard to not keep touching the skin right after a great wax. Resist. Freshly waxed skin is sensitive. That also means loose clothing is best. It won’t rub against the skin and irritate it.

  • Store the wax well for the next wax

    Great job! You just used Honeybee and are ready to conquer the world. But before you go, pack the wax jar or tin. Make sure the seal is tight and that you store it in a cool, dry place.

What not to do post-wax

  • Go town on skin with an exfoliator

    Seriously, don’t even think about exfoliating the skin for the first 24 hours after hair removal. Your skin will thank you for it. And you’ll thank us for the tip!

    Once that clock crosses the one-day limit, go ahead and exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week. It’ll remove dead cells and keep ingrown hairs at bay.

  • Too much and too soon to handle

    For at least a day after your waxing session, don’t expose the skin to direct sunlight. It’s too soon. The same goes for any chemical treatments; they’re too much for the skin to handle.