Pre & Post Wax Tips

The checklist for quicker and smoother waxing

What to do before you wax

  • Do clean your arms and legs with a damp cloth to get rid of any oil or moisture on the skin before waxing.

  • Do wax every three to four weeks if you have fast hair growth. When your hair grows quickly, it's essential to stay on top of your waxing routine. Waiting too long between sessions can make the process more uncomfortable and less effective

  • Do a gentle exfoliate to remove any dead cell build-up a day before wax. You’ll have fewer ingrown hair post-wax and satin-smooth results.

  • Do check the direction of hair growth before you bid them adieu. This is an important tip because you need to apply the wax or the wax strip in the same direction. When you remove the strip, do it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Why? It makes for a cleaner wax and you get to admire softer skin. Also, remember to pull your skin taut.

  • Do start with your legs if you are new to the waxing game. It lets you get the hang of it. Once you master them, move on to more, ahem, delicate areas.

What not to do before waxing

  • Don’t make the wax too hot to handle and always test the temperature by applying it on the small area of skin or on the back of your hand before applying it to a larger area. Unless they’re good to go as-is. Just peel and apply.

  • Don’t wax the same area again and again (and again). So, if you’re new to waxing or just to Honeybee products, stick to one pull per area in one session. Repeated pulls on the same body part can irritate or damage the skin.

What to do post-wax

  • Do Use post wax wipes if you are using Ready-to-use wax strips or ask the beautician at the salon to do a post wax regime for you.

  • Do wear loose clothes post waxing. It won’t rub against the skin and irritate it.

What not to do post-wax

  • Don’t even think about exfoliating the skin for the first 24 hours after hair removal. Once that clock crosses the one-day limit, go ahead and exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week. It’ll remove dead cells and keep ingrown hairs at bay.

  • Don’t expose the skin to direct sunlight. The same goes for any chemical treatments or hot showers- they’re too much for the skin to handle.

From now on, whenever you decide on waxing, whether at home or in a salon, remember that the key to long-lasting, smooth, and healthy results lies in your pre- and post-waxing skin care.