How to get a better wax


Warm the Premium Aloe Vera Wax and check to make sure it has reached a honey-like consistency. 


Using an applicator stick, spread an even, thin layer of the professional-quality wax following the direction that your hair grows.


Place a wax strip on top, and smoothen it a couple of times with firm pressure.  Hold your skin taut with one hand. With the other, pull the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth in one swift motion.


Continue with steps 2 and 3 till you have hair-free skin on all body areas. 


To clean post-wax, wash the skin with water. 

Bee Better At Waxing

  • Make sure your skin is not broken, inflamed, or sunburned.
  • The best time to wax and prevent breakage is when the hair is ¼ of an inch long.
  • You can warm the Premium Aloe Vera Wax in hot water or in a wax warmer. If you choose the first, dip the tin in water till it’s ¾ of the way in. In both cases, stir occasionally. 
  • Always patch test the wax to check it’s not too hot before applying it for the first time.
  • For maximum flawless results, keep the strip close and parallel to the skin.
  • And finally, put on some Honeybee Tunes for a heavenly, extravagant waxing experience!