How to Use

Step 1

Warm the pure cold wax in a pan of hot water or wax warmer. In either case, stir occasionally and take off the heat source once the wax looks like honey. 

Step 2

With a spatula, apply the wax in a thin, uniform layer in the same direction as the hair growth. Place a wax strip on top and repeatedly smoothen it with your hand 3-4 times so the hair follicles stick to the wax for easier and quicker removal.

Step 3

Remove in a quick, flicking motion in the direction opposite to hair growth by holding the bottom of the strip parallel to the skin. 

Step 4

Continue waxing till you get rid of the excess hair. Finish by cleaning with water or a wet cloth.


  • Always patch test the wax for optimal temperature before you start waxing. 
  • To oust hair from the roots without breaking it, wax when it has grown to ¼ of an inch.
  • To make the experience relaxing and serene, play Honeybee Tunes.
  • Skip waxing when the skin is sunburned, irritated or broken.