How to Use

Step 1

As always, begin by turning up the volume on Honeybee Tunes. Now relax and let the fun begin. 

Step 2

Twist open the lid of the Pure Hot Wax jar. The first time, you’ll also have to remove the aluminium seal.

Step 3

Next, heat the wax in your microwave in bursts of 30 seconds. You can warm it for a total of 2 minutes. Between each interval, stir the wax to check the consistency. Once it looks like soft, pourable honey, the hot wax is ready for hair removal. 

Step 4

Dip your spatula in the pure hot wax and spread an even, thin layer of it in the same direction as your hair growth. Place a wax strip on top. Use your hand to firmly press it to your skin.

Step 5

To remove hair, hold the strip base while keeping your skin taut and pull it off against the direction of hair growth. Use a quick, flicking motion.

Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the desired areas are waxed. Use water to cleanse any residue and then relish the feeling of velvety skin for weeks!


  • To make the most of your Honeybee waxing experience, make sure your skin is dry, clean and free of moisturiser or oil.

  • Our Pure Hot Wax is kind to your skin. Be kind in return. Don’t overheat it.

  • No microwave? You can warm the wax by dipping it in hot water. How much water? About 3/4th of the jar should be underwater.

  • Before you start waxing, patch test the temperature on the inside of your wrist.

  • We advise you not to exfoliate, apply chemical treatments or expose your skin to direct sunlight for 24 hours after you wax.

  • Once the 24-hour limit has crossed, go ahead and exfoliate 3 to 4 times every week for blissful, silky skin.

  • We strongly urge you not to wax when your skin is damaged, burnt, or inflamed. Wait for it to heal.