How to get a better wax

Step 1

Use a wax warmer to heat the Premium Rose Wax, stirring it once in a while, till it starts to resemble the consistency of honey. 

Step 2

Test the wax for temperature, and if it isn’t too hot, apply it with a spatula, spreading it in the direction your hair grows.

Step 3 

Place a strip on top, and with your hand, smooth it a few times. Grab the base of the strip with one hand and, with the other, keep your skin taut.

Step 4

Pull the strip off in one swift stroke in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat the process, giving attention to all body areas you want hair-free.

Step 5

Once done, wash with water to remove any wax left on the skin.


  • The Premium Rose Wax can easily be heated in hot water. Submerge the tin till 75% of it is covered. Take it out when it looks like honey.

  • For velvety results, apply the professional-quality wax in a thin and even layer. 

  • When removing the strip, make sure it’s parallel to the skin.

  • When not to wax: skin is inflamed, sunburned, or broken.

  • Best time to wax: when hair is a quarter of an inch long. 

  • Great way to wax: play some Honeybee Tunes to make it a unique spa experience.